FAQ – Basic Driver Improvement

Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI / TCAC) Course

Why should I take Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) class or a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)?

If you received a ticket and are eligible, this may the best option for you if you have a concern about insurance increases. Successful completion of the BDI 4 hour class will result in a withhold of adjudication, meaning no points on your record for the current violation. Under Florida Law, your insurance will not increase as long as there is no accident associated with the ticket (statute 318.14 (9)) and your safe driver status will be maintained.

Who is eligible to take a BDI?

Anyone who does not possess a Class A, B, or C license, has NOT elected traffic school within the last 12 months, and possesses a Florida driver’s license. You may elect to take a BDI course because a participating insurance company is offering a discount for doing so or you may enroll in a BDI class due to a recent ticket for a non-criminal moving violation.

I have taken a BDI class before. Can I take it again?

    If you have taken a BDI class in the last 12 months, you are NOT eligible to elect traffic school again in order to keep points off of your license. Also, you may not elect to take a BDI class more than five times in a 10-year period.

What if I elected the 4 hour BDI class within the last 12 months but I did not complete it on time? Can I elect to take it again?

NO. The law is very clear that you can only make the election with a Florida clerk once every 12 months, or 5 times every ten years. If you elect more than one time in a 12 month period, the Florida DHSMV will discover your second election and take action to suspend your license.

I received a non-criminal moving violation and I have a commercial license. Can I take a BDI class?

Holders of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) are NOT eligible for a BDI class per 318.14.


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