FAQ – First Time Driver (D.A.T.A.)

Florida First Time Driver D.A.T.A. Course

I am a first-time driver and I know I need to take a 4 Hour course before applying for my license but I don’t know which one?

There is some confusion about what course first-time drivers need to take. If you are getting ready to apply for a driver’s license for the first time in Florida you are required to the Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness (D.A.T.A.) course. There is another course referred to as the TLSAE, which stands for Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education. They are the same thing so no need to be confused. We have you covered.

Is this a difficult course?

The D.A.T.A. course is simple, fun and full of interesting information. It has cool animation and easy lessons.

How long will it take for me to complete the D.A.T.A. course?

That depends on your pace but usually 4 to 6 hours and you can even break it into several different sessions if you want.

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