Are You 55 or older and would like an Insurance Reduction?

Florida Mature Driver Program

If you are 55 years of age or older, and have a Florida Driver’s License, complete this course to receive a mandatory reduction on your insurance rate for three years! Insurance companies are required to provide a discount for drivers 55 years of age or older who finish the course. The discount usually reduces up to 70 – 80% percent of current premium charges! The discount covers liability for injuries or property damage.

You don’t have to waste time sitting in a conventional classroom anymore, with The Traffic School; you can get your mature driver’s insurance discount without ever leaving your home or office. The mature driver program is accessible through the Internet, so any computer with access to the Internet will allow you to access the program. You can complete the course sitting wherever you like: in the library, in the kitchen, or any other place you can imagine!

The Mature Driver Program provides information on defensive driving and Florida motor vehicle laws. During instruction of the course, effects on medication, fatigue, alcohol, visual, or auditory limitations information is provided on how these things may have an effect on a person’s driving ability.

Normal physical changes are part of the aging process. Mature drivers may experience declines in vision, hearing, reaction time and flexibility. They can continue to drive safely by learning to compensate for these changes.

A typical discount you may receive from the following insurance providers:

  • GEICO – About 10%
  • Progressive – About 5%
  • State Farm – About 5%
  • Allstate – About 10%
  • USAA – About 15%

Attending the Traffic School online class has all of the following benefits:

  • Live support is available during business hours by phone for any questions you have about the course or registration.
  • The quiz questions are True / False and Multiple Choice formats.
  • Complete the course in portions. Go offline, and come back several times as needed.
  • The Website is available 24/7 and all the course materials are all available on the Internet.

At the Traffic School, we make it Easy for You!

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